Name of the lead applicant: Denizli Chamber of Commerce

Project title:


We Are Building Learning

Location of the action

Role in the action: coordinator, co-beneficiary, affiliated entity

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Lead Applicant

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services European Union Coordination Department

01.10.2016 – 30.09.2017

Objectives and results of the action

Target groups: 40 adults who are out of active working life between 25 and 64; 15,286 members of Denizli CoC.; 208 vocational and Public Education Centre teachers/trainers; 200 academicians from Pamukkale University

LLL Seminars was delivered. LLL participation through awareness and cooperation activities were carried out with the members of Denizli Chamber of Commerce, teachers of Public Education Centres and academics in Pamukkale University. Business cooperation network between educational institutions and business world has occurred. Strengthening the relationship of educational institutions with Business-World has been achieved.

Learning Festivals: First learning festival was held in Denizli to increase awareness of lifelong learning. Learning festival, the context of strengthening relations with the Educational Institutions and business-world.

“Case Study” Gaining EU Key Competencies, Vocational training in isolation , The certification by VOC test centres : 3 groups with 32 hours per training on Delivering Trainings of KOSGEB Approved Practical Entrepreneurship for EU key competences training, 2 groups with 40 hours per training on Heat Insulation Worker for Building Sector modular training program, 1 groups with 40 hours per training on Water Insulation Worker for Building Sector modular training program were completed by 68 adults. And then 52 of them applied and 38 of them passed for VOC – Test Centre test. Training room, training equipment and supplies (listed in the budget) PEC trainers, 6 experts/trainers delivered trainings. 68 adult who outside of active employment age 25 – 64 were received training in isolation from the EU key competences and certified VOC – Test Centre.