Project title:

EBIC-EGE (European Business and Innovation Centre of Ege) EEN-150285-EBIC-EGE

Location of the action

Role in the action: coordinator, co-beneficiary, affiliated entity

Donors to the action (name)

Dates (from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy)

İzmir, Denizli

As Consortium Partner,

Denizli Chamber of Commerce: DCoC

(Denizli Ticaret Odası: DTO)

Enterprise Europe Network


Objectives and results of the action

EBIC-Ege Ege is a small Consortium which will target the SMEs in 6 provinces of Western Turkey, consisting of 3 Organizations in the Aegean Region of Turkey (NUTS2 TR31, TR32, TR33) namely Ege University Science and Technology Centre (EBILTEM), Denizli Chamber of Commerce (DTO) and Aegean Region Chambers of Industry (EBSO). The Consortium is composed of Partners with balanced and complementary areas of expertise, influence, and competences. By adopting a joint strategy for integrated business support covering the full range of Network services, the 3 Partners will provide “one-stop-shop” services to their clients. The Consortium expects to be able to reach a larger clientele through the EEN services, which are ‘normally’ not provided by the host organizations and which are services where the EU dimension and added value are particularly marked and visible. The primary objective is to help SMEs become competitive at international level by fostering their capacity to operate effectively, seize business opportunities swiftly, adopt technological innovations. EBIC-Ege will primary target the SMEs interested in carrying out international activities and/or engaging in innovation but will also include SMEs in general as well as large companies and industrial sectors of relevance to the SMEs. To further integrate EBIC- Ege in the regional business- and innovation-support infrastructure, other business groups will be targeted, namely: regional authorities, trade associations, craftsmen and other stakeholders of the R&D and innovation platform including research institutions, service providers and other European networks. EBIC- Ege, will support client firms in their endeavours to transform their business, technology and management approach and assist them in their moves to higher innovation, productivity, quality and competitiveness, all prerequisites to the creation of jobs, growth and sustainable development in the region.