Cluster Manager: Akay Gündoğan

Deputy Secretary General of Denizli Chamber of Commerce holds BSc in Textile Engineering, MBA in Business Development and currently PhD Student in Business Development.

He has 10 years of experience in International Project Management in the field of regional economic development, sustainable development, optimization of resources in the industry and business, Energy. He has vast expertise in the field of stakeholder’s engagement and project consortiums establishment and projects’ implementation.

He has more than 10 years of experience in textile, textile chemistry and ready-to-wear clothing, Cleaner production processes, Waste Control and Management, Energy Saving and Efficiency, Quality certification (ISO 9000 Quality Standards, Environment ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001),export, product quality, design and development, process improvement, modernization, branding, geographical indications,

As Cluster Manager of the DCC TTC, his key responsibilities are submitting cluster Strategy and the budget, promoting innovation in established textile SMEs, strengthening infrastructure, and promoting high tech use, networking and cooperation with all relevant environments, operational project implementation in line with strategic goals, Positioning the cluster domestically and abroad, cooperation with other clusters and initiatives, PR

Project Manager: Sıdıka Arıkan

– Director of Denizli EU Business Centre which provides project development and management, business development services including clustering for SMEs and entrepreneurs under DTO, since 2008, holds BSc in Chemical Engineering, Post Graduate degree in Management Information System.

– She carries International Project Management activities; project design, develop, implementation and follow-up; organizing activities and actions during the project implementation period, including managing human, material, financial and information resources; coordinating the activities of the project team during the project implementation period.

As Project Manager of the DCC TTC, her key responsibilities are project management, developing lead topics and projects, supporting individual cooperation projects including application for and administration of promotional funding for projects, representing the project internally and externally, develop new services for SMEs.

Business Development Expert: Enis Erdal

Business Service Managerat Denizli EU Business Centre which provides services on business development for SMEs under DTO, since 2008, holds BA in Business Management.

– He carries Business Development activities for SMEs, identifying needs of SMEs, designing, and planning to train curricula and conducting trainings and consultancy services for SMEs, start-ups, NGOs, public sector on regional development, competitiveness, and innovation.

Business Development Expert of the DCC TTC, his key responsibilities are regional business development on competitiveness and innovation identification of new markets and project opportunities, based on competencies of SMEs, Elaborating, and implementing a high-quality qualification and Continuing professional education programme, Ongoing material, and financial controlling