The first task of Denizli Chamber of Commerce, which has been identified with our Republic almost 91 years ago, is service to Turkey and Denizli. The Denizli Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is determined by own law and has a vision of member – oriented management understanding, takes care of every issue and development that we can directly and indirectly affect the economic life in our city.

Denizli Chamber of Commerce has been taking important steps in economic, social, and cultural life of Denizli. Denizli Chamber of Commerce,

  • Led up corporation in 1970’s.
  • Initiated to open branch of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in Denizli in 1974.
  • Led to establish of Pamukkale University,
  • Pioneered to open Custom Office in Denizli.

In 1986, the activity of the last of the Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, still continuing organizational work; The Leather Organized Industrial Zone (8.9.1994) was one of the first founders of the Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone (1.2.2008) and took its place among the leading institutions in these enterprises.

Other initiatives that funded by national resources are following:

  • Establishment of Denizli Cement Factory,
  • Establishment of Pamukkale Technopolis in partnership with the Pamukkale University to foster the joint research and development activities in the region
  • Establishment of Denizli Innovation and Design Centre to increase the competitiveness and investment opportunities of the textile sector in Denizli and promote design and quality in textile sector to follow up fashion and trends,
  • Carried out Geographical Indication for Denizli Travertine

Denizli Chamber of Commerce pioneers and guides its members in the field of Research and Development. All the documents and information required by our members are provided electronically signed through the e – chamber system, except for the commercial transactions in our office. All our  members who demand can receive these transactions remotely and online. The registration update can also perform all payment transactions remotely.

Fulfilling these duties, Denizli Chamber of Commerce, contributing to solving all kinds of problems of our country, which is the cause of its existence as a basic principle, and opening up new horizons for them and making them develop by surviving in market conditions integrated with the world in a competitive global environment. objectives. In addition, participation is emphasized in important decisions that concern the Chamber.