RDA Projects

Name of the lead applicant: Denizli Chamber of Commerce:

6 separated projects:

· SME’s of Southern Aegean On the Path of Innovation

· Denizli Textile Innovation and Design Centre

· Increasing Institutional Capacity,

· Increasing Service Quality of Denizli Chamber of Commerce

· Enhancing Service Quality with Corporate Risk Management

· Target Market: Africa


Role in the action: coordinator, co-beneficiary, affiliated entity

Donors to the action (name)

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Southern Aegean Development Agency (GEKA)

2010 – 2016


In 2014, Southern Aegean Development Agency announced the “Financial Support Program for Transformation with Innovation” call for non-profit institutions. As part of the program with Agency’s support, Denizli Chamber of Commerce established a design center for textile sector. During the project, training courses on design and drawing programs were given in Textile Design Center but after first stage, there was not enough demand for courses. In order to reach to target potential of the Design Center, the Center will cooperate with Denizli Chamber of Commerce for design trainings, workshops and sample studies.

The Center will identify the designer profiles required by the textile companies at survey work during the project implementation. According to results of the survey, the Center and Denizli Chamber of Commerce will work together, and the courses will be organised with respect to results of survey at the design center of Chamber. The Chamber will provide the design center free of charge to the Center. The Chamber will assign a staff in order to conduct communication with Center and negotiations with the courses planned to open. In addition to this, the Chamber will  ensure that the education and the activities of the Center are announced to the members of the Chamber. Finally, the Chamber will be partner of the center. In case of financial inadequacy of the Center, the Chamber will compensate with other partners.