Denizli Chamber of Commerce (DTO) provides essential services for enterprises operating in Denizli, and it is the ideal local partner for foreign investors. Its main tasks are the design and implementation of activities in strict coordination with regional and local institutions, business associations, research centres and universities, in favour of economic development, financial services, SME’s internationalisation and innovation, consumer protection, fight of counterfeiting, quality insurance, market surveillance, and others. Denizli Chamber of Commerce is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce and the Mediterranean Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It was founded more than 95 years ago and now has 20,000 member companies of all sizes. DTO is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent business network organization representing the interest of its members and is most influential business network association of Denizli.

The Denizli Chamber of Commerce, as in previous years, pioneered the introduction of services in every environment that contributes to the country’s economy, in addition to its understanding of providing services to its members in a timely, efficiently in all its activities. It is also our duty to create economic and social agendas in the interests of our country.

The adaptation to consumer preferences, production techniques, transportation and communication opportunities, the changes that are taking place in the marketing types in the shortest period of time to be learned and adapted, contributing positively to the creation of policies that must be implemented locally, regionally and nationally, and helping form the framework of our chamber – based activities.

Profile and Expertise:

  • Regional Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network partner
  • Counts with a person who is responsible for Internationalization of SMEs,
  • Experience in organizing matchmaking and high-level business missions, both in developed and developing countries
  • In-house expertise on the sectors the project addresses
  • Holds EU project management experience
  • Large SME client base
  • Large network of international connections
  • Proven track record of successful delivery of national international projects, including innovation of SMEs