DTO implements many EU funded project including competitiveness of private sector development, awareness rising on VET and capacity building of HR to contribute IPA progress. DTO is implementing an EU-funded Operation called Transformation to Technical Textiles (TTT) in Denizli between June 2020-June 2023. The project aims to transform home textile to the technical textile industry by establishing a technical textile centre (TTC) through cluster approach.

Denizli Chamber of Commerce Technical Textile Cluster (DCC TTC) was established 7 months ago, under Denizli Chamber of Commerce, as non-profit organization, to increase the competitive position of the Textile Sector by upgrading the value creating companies in the cluster, Promoting and Internationalization of SMEs, Strengthening the economic power of Denizli, Fostering collaboration and cooperation between companies and cluster agents to achieve all results that can have positive effects for them in particular and for the textile sector in general. The Cluster is also promoting the participation and the collaboration of SMEs in all the previous actions and coordinating their development. Furthermore, it is acting as a dynamizing agent who catalyses innovation and cooperation process in companies and institutions of the cluster. Following a cross-sectoral approach 106 partner companies are successfully collaborating (e.g., more than 20 cooperation projects initiated within 10 years) since the establishment of the Denizli Chamber of Commerce.